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About Us

Established in 2003, DEM-SA GROUP primarily engaged in some very exclusive company of international trade consulting activities started by making the trade.

DEM-SA GROUP, then the Group of stores in various cities of Russia and centers located in Moscow Daram Holding and Nusnus Holdinge need counseling, as well as product acquisition, transportation, customs clearance and warehouse, has made a very good point by doing.

DEM-SA GROUP, United Kingdom, Germany, Frankfurt, Russia (Moscow), Ufa, Leningrad, Iran, Tehran, Tabriz, France, Spain, Azerbaijan, Baku  is doing trade with the elite in Turkey a couple of Holding consulting.

DEM-SA GROUP consultancy services to streamline on-site Architect, map engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, environmental engineer and Legal Department maintains.

DEM-SA GROUP, based in İstanbul, in particular gas station, gas station Setup, intake, fuel station and gas station Rental services, expert real estate Team with expertise in the right way is by extracting. Our company gas station Setup, except for the architectural project, building permits and fuel oil, which is followed by all official paperwork with the installation.

It is a pleasure to work with DEM-SA GROUP!